All images used with permission.

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Finland Group Shoot

Date: February 6, 2016

Models: Lucy Diamond, Katie Kodoq, TAMD 2015 MOTY Sadie Scissors, Neonia, & Agony Von Grim


Photographer: Alexandra Sleaze 

Theme: AHS: Coven

Details: 5 models were selected for this AHS:Coven inspired shoot. Each model was to wear black, but bring their own style to the table, like what was seen in AHS: Coven. Addtionally, models were asked to have 1 accent color to compliment the black & to bring a splash of color to the shoot, since, in addtion to all black outfits, the snowy Finland landscape was to serve as the backdrop. 

Sweden Group Shoot

Date: April 9, 2016

Models: Attera Nox, Kya Wolfwritten, & Arathin


Photographer: KatieKat

Theme: Mythical Creatures

Details: As everyone in the group has their base in fetish modeling it was decided that latex would be the common denominator. When Kya Wolfwritten mentioned she had a dragon scale textured catsuit the concept of having everyone be a mythical creature started to come to life. In the end the decision was made that Kya would be a dragon, Arathin a Cthulhu spawn and Attera Nox a demon, all wearing black latex fitting the creatures of darkness. Katiekat was the driving force behind choosing the location as she felt that something rough and modern would suit the different looks best. Shining latex met concrete and the mythical creatures found their way into this world. 

New York Group Shoot

Date: July 23, 2016

Models: Ivy League Ink, Kitter LaGore, &

Shannon Fatale


Photographer: Mike55 Photography

Theme: Abstract/Experimental

Details: Ideas were being thrown around, but when the idea of using a projector was brought up, everyone was in agreement that is what we should do.The only thing left to do was find the images to use, and ones that could be used. Mike had already shot using a projector, so was able to show us examples. On the day of each model experimented with posing & expression. The result is a set of obstract images, of which most can be found on our Patreon.