All images used with permission.

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Photo: Kaito Milk; Models: (L-R) Chexy & Kassandra Leigh; Retouching: Kassandra Leigh/Unseelie Allure Studios

How do you use the directory?

Models are divided into regions & then sub-regions based on their current residence. The trick to finding models in your area is knowing where you area lies within the directory. Find out more here.

Once you find out where your area falls, go to the respective page on the website. Browse a gallery of models listed in your area, if there are any. If you find one (or more) you'd like to work with, click on the link provided with their listing. This is where you should contact them, and in most cases where you can find out more about them and see their portfolio in it's entirety.  

In a listing, what does "styles" mean?

In every listing Name, Location, Styles, & Links will be included. While most of the information is self explainatory, Styles has left some confused. Does "styles" mean the style of the image? No, "styles" means the type of image the model is interested in shooting or genres of alternative modeling. 

A listing contains "Open to all" under Styles. What does this mean?

Some models are open to the majority or literally all of the alternative modeling styles or genres, so instead of listing them all, ask that "Open to all" be used instead. Additionally, some models ask that "Open to all" be used, but listed with exceptions. Example: Open to all but nude. 

Is this an agency?

The Alternative Model Directory (TAMD) is NOT an agency. As our name states, we are a directory, there is no guarentee of booking work by being listed with us. 

If this isn't an agency, why should I join? What are the benefits of joining?

Although TAMD is not an agency, that doesn't mean industry professionals don't utilize this website. It simply means that we do not actively find you work. However, on occassion, castings are sent to us, which are naturely passed on to listed models.

In addition to your listing, a support group is in place where you can interact with other listed models. This group, which is not open to the public, is a great tool for new & established models to gain references for prospective clients, interested publications, leads on work, staying up-to-date on TAMD related projects, contest & events, as well as a safe place to raise concerns, both personal & industry related. 

Are there any restrictions that would impact eligibility for a listing?

The only restriction is in regards to age. Those who are under 18 will NOT be invited or listed, there are no exceptions. 

How do I join?

Starting January 2016 TAMD will be an invitation only website. Closing our ranks ensures that models who are listed with us are pillars of this industry. Over the years we have come to notice that many models end up being unprofessional and/or engage in behaviors that go against the mission of TAMD, such as slut shaming, body shaming, bullying, etc. While TAMD itself is not a political site, we must ensure a safe & happy enviroment for the models listed with us. 

So then how does one get an invite? The best way to get yourself noticed by TAMD, is to share your work with us on our Facebook wall, tag us in photos on IG or using #theamd across all social media sites. If we like what we see, you will be notified by email ONLY. Any message through social media should be considered fake & the person sending it an imposter. In this case, do not send your information.

I am listed, but can't find my listing on the website.

First, check the fan page to see if you are still a member of TAMD since our fan page houses all listings, active & inactive. If you are on there, you need to email 3-5 photos (with credits), along with any changes to your information to our email address.

If you aren't on the fan page, then you have been removed from TAMD. If this has happened contact us about getting relisted. 

How do I remove my listing?

If for any reason you wish to be removed from TAMD, just send us an email letting us know. We'll work hard to make sure every photo is removed from the website & TAMD related account, but if we miss one, please do not send us an angry email, just link us & we will remove it asap. 

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