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Halloween Interview: Kybele

October 26, 2015

 In the story of Snow White, the Evil Queen is vindictive, manipulative, & obssessed with being the "fairest of them all". Snow White's superior beauty drives the queen to do many things in an attempt to kill the beautiful princess, most notably giving her a poison apple. You can be rest assured that our very own Kybele is nothing like the Evil Queen. 

In fact Kybele, who hails from Copenhagen, is the total opposite of the queen she portrays in this set. Perhaps, the only trait I see her having in common with the Evil Queen is her natural beauty. According to her Facebook fan page she can "often be found getting intoxicated, yelling at complete strangers, drooling over a pair of heels, playing chess, being nerdy, longing for new tattoos, giving away cigarettes to homeless people, swearing, and making fun of stuff." But, when she's not doing that, she is creating amazing images with teams of equally amazing people - such as the set featured here. 



TAMD: Tell us about the photos featured here.
Kybele: The photos are inspired by the classical stories of Evil Queens prevalent in folk- and fairytales. I was approached to model by the photographer Tine Sørensen, and jumped at the chance to work with the two designers behind the queen's look; Nøkke Fensholt who did the beautiful crown and Maibritt Kokholm who made the gorgeous dress fit for a queen. I used to do a lot of LARP'ing (live action roleplaying) and one of the first characters I ever played became queen of the darkelves after just a few months. It was so much fun channelling that old character, and tip-toeing (hopefully successfully) the line between fashion and fantasy without the overall expression becoming over the top. It's definitely one of my favourite and most fantastical yet fabulous stylings for a shoot.


TAMD: Since you enjoyed this shoot so much, do you have any plans to do more like it?
Kybele: I strive to work with talented people whenever possible. I think it's important as any kind of creative collaborator to always aim to step up your proverbial game - whether you're a photographer, model, designer, make-up artist, hair dresser etc., and one of the best ways to develop your own set of skills is working with competent colleagues. I already have plans to work with several members of this team again, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next collaboration will bring.


TAMD: It's interesting to me the different traditions across the globe, what is Halloween like in Denmark?
Kybele: Although Halloween is seeping into Danish culture, it's a weird sort of commercialized cotton candy version. We have a different, but similar holiday in February called "Fastelavn" where children also dress up and used to go door to door to collect money, not candy. It used to mark the end of the fast after Christmas. Children dress up in costumes and "knock the cat off the barrel" - a barrel filled with candy with a picture of a cat is hung from a tree or the ceiling, and the kids take turns hitting it. The child who breaks the barrel so the candy falls out is named the "Cat Queen" and the one who knocks the last piece of wood from the string the barrel is hung from is named "Cat King". Back in the day it was a ritual of protection; the villagers would place an actual living cat inside a barrel, after cursing it and transferring all of the villagers sin onto it (religion is weird). By sacrificing the cat - killing it by knocking the barrel with bats over and over - the villagers were absolved of their sins.


TAMD: How do you personally chose to celebrate Halloween?
Kybele: I went to the Procession of the Ghouls in New York City last year and LOVED it. Silent movie with live organ music in a giant church, and then followed by 40-ish people in amazing costumes creeping down the aisle to medieval music. It was glorious. I hope to do it again this year.


TAMD: Finally, Elvira, Vampira, Lily Munster, or Morticia Addams?
Kybele: Morticia! (M&G = relationship goals!)




Photo Credits
Photographer: Tine Sørensen

MUAH: Niels Laigaard
Dress/Collar/Accessories: ONEofONE by Maibritt Kokholm
Crown: FairyTailor

View more of this set here.


Follow Kybele on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr. 

View Kybele's TAMD listing here.

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