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Halloween Interview: Kadiva Alcorta

October 28, 2015


There's a saying that everything is bigger in Texas, so why not go big & include images from two sets in this interview with San Antonio model, Kadiva Alcorta? You might not be familiar with Kadiva, but you won't be forgetting her any time soon after you finish reading this. 

According to Kadiva's Facebook fan page, she was "born in Laredo, Texas - a culturally diverse city located north bank of the Rio Grande in South, Texas. Her passion for art initiated during a trip, in the early 90’s, to Europe where she encountered gothic architecture and artwork of the ‘Old World’. At the same time, she closely followed fashion and trends on magazines like Rolling Stones and Harper’s Bazaar cultivating a taste for Avant-Garde, fetish, and pin-up style and fashion." 

At the age of 16, she would then go on to enroll at John Casablanca’s Modeling and Career Center and learned the basics of runway modeling, make-up application, and acting. At the age of 21, her modeling career started as a Miller Lite Brand Ambassador and later she would become a ring card girls working flyweight and light weight Miller Lite boxing events. Throughout her career, not just as a model but a photographer as well, she has had many notiable accomplishments - you can see her as Jacuzzi girl #2 in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. (view clip


In an age where followers is what defines a models success, it is an honor to list & interview such a truly accomplished model. 



TAMD: Tell us about the photo sets featured here.

Kadiva Alcorta: Set #1: Hannah Ghore, photographer of Enigma Box Photography, was inspired by the movie Maleficent, which had just hit the theaters last year. We had been wanting work together on a project but had not found the right theme for both of us. Then Maleficent came out and the inspiration began. I was lucky to work with this team! Hannah made the costume and make up. Hannah and Steve both worked on the props. All I did was show up and boom, it was like magic everything just fell into place.

Set #2: Last year there was a lot of girls doing bloody photo shoots that looked amazing, so I decided to give it a try on my own terms. I took an artistic approach for this photo shoot by combining the classic military pin up with a pinch of gore. I loosely based my look off the cenobite characters from one my favorite horror flicks, "Hellraiser II." My corset was a homage to Pinhead and the slit throat was a homage to open-throat.


TAMD: Besides Hellraiser II, what are some of your favorite horror movies?
Kadiva: Besides Hellraiser II, I also love House of a thousand corpses, The Devils Rejects, the Nightmare on Elm St. series, especially Dream Warriors, Ichi the Killer, and The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the re-make.


TAMD: Speaking of Nightmare on Elm Street & remakes, what do you think of New Line Cinema wanting to reboot the series again? Robert England already stated he wouldn't be returning, so who do you think would make a good Freddy - if anyone?
Kadiva: I think that New Line Cinema should leave the Nightmare on Elm Street Series alone. I don't think a reboot would be successful, especially if Robert Englund said he would not be returning. That alone should be a warning sign to back the hell off the series reboot. I don't feel that any actor out there would give Freddy's character the justice it deserves.


TAMD: I couldn't agree more, I think the trend of reboots are sign that there is no creativity left in Hollywood, and most remakes/reboots end up doing a great disservice to the original movie or series. Robert England mentioned possible ways they could get the franchise rolling again without a total remake like 'Freddy 9', 'Freddy vs Michael Myers' or even a prequel, what are your thoughts on any of those?
Kadiva: I don't think that a prequel is even necessary. The Freddy series explained how Freddy came to be. They just need to move on. However, people have been creating reboots since the times of William Shakespeare.


TAMD: With Halloween coming up, how do you plan on celebrating it?
Kadiva: This Halloween will be my 6th wedding anniversary with my husband. We will be celebrating our anniversary dressed up as Good Ash and Evil Ash from Army of Darkness. I am actually in the process of making the helmet and armor for my hubby's costume, where he will be dressed as Evil Ash. And since we love going to the movies, we are going to watch Army of Darkness in our costumes at Alamo Draft House. Having our wedding anniversary and Halloween on the same day is soooooo much fun!



Photo Credits
'Bloody' Photographer: Obscuri
MUAH: Hannah Ghore

Wardrobe/ Styling: Kadiva Alcorta 

Prosthetic: Open Wound FX

Prosthetic Application: Steve Salcido

'Maleficent' Photographer: Enigma Box Photography

MUAH/Wardrobe/Styling: Hannah Ghore

Props: Hannah Ghore/Steve Salcido


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View more from Kadiva's 'Bloody' set here; more from the 'Maleficent' set here

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