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Halloween Interview: Valentina Grim

October 29, 2015


Halloween night is fast approaching, with only a few more days to go. With Halloween, at least here in America, those celebrating dress up in a variety of costumes, from the sexy to the horrific to the distasteful, but no matter the choice of costume it is a night filled with diversity, much like this interview with Valentina Grim of New Zealand. 

TAMD: Tell us about the photos featured here.
Valentna Grim: My bride of Frankenstein and Baby Jane Bioshock photos are for my 2016 calendar coming out full of fun and exciting characters! 


The alien bath baby shoot was at first inspired by Katie Perrys look for E.T, but in the end I decided to just do my own look. It was a pretty damn messy shoot with paint and food coloring and took me a good couple of hours to get that bath looking white and clean again!


The demon shoot was something I had been wanting to do for a looooong time, I just never had the money for cool I made some! I've never really been a glamour gal, I love anything to do with horror so I wanted to have extra big horns and blood! Pretty happy with that set, it captures me very well.

TAMD: What is it about the horror/gore genre that speaks to you?
Valentina: I've always been interested and fascinated in it from a very young age. It's such a visceral experience and I have a fascination for death. It's a release and it's exciting because it's not something you would see everyday or experience. I find it exciting weather it's a creepy picture or something drenched in blood. I'm naturally attracted to it. To be honest I pretty much only watch horror movies and t.v series. Even with my modelling I've never been one to do much glamour/pretty stuff, I love to do creepy or disturbing things. I can handle anything gore/ horror wise (except anything to do with animals) and I'm always looking for that rush.

TAMD: In your opinion what makes a good horror film? What are some of your favorite films & why?
Valentina: For me a good horror movie is a movie full of things I can't predict, is suspenseful and leaves me thinking or can't get out of my head after I have finished watching it. I enjoy foreign horror films as they rely less on gore & scare factors and more on physiological scares & are not afraid to push the boundaries and think outside of the box.

  • Martyrs: Would have to be one of my all time favorite films it's a truly stunning brutal and moving film. It's a movie that leaves you feeling sad and full of emotions. A definite assault to the gut, extremely graphic and to the point, without ever flinching or resolving to silly tricks to get a point across.

  • 30 Days of Night: An awesome take on vampires! They are brutal, chilling and cunning. It has plenty of gore. Danny Huston is amazing as the lead vampire. It's super serious and I just love that the vampires are not sexy but are horrible killing machines. The fact that it's all set in the snow makes it even more bleak and dark!

  • Silent Hill: Well it's Silent Hill! It's fucked up and creepy. As a gamer I love it! All the main monsters are in it so what's not to love?

  • Pan's Labyrinth: A true masterpiece. I love that is has this dark fairy tale feel to it. Brutal but beautiful. I pretty much love anything Guillermo Del Toro produces. The creatures are so well done it, the time setting is great as it's such a bleak time. I have to be honest...... I cried at the end......still do!

  • Rec: It's an intense film. The shaky camera films are pretty much all in but this would have to be one of the best! I honestly found this film pretty freaky at times ( that's saying something when it comes to me). I mean yes we have all seen zombie movies before and this one is nothing new but it's the way it's been done that makes it great. It doesn't need gallons of blood and body parts flying everywhere, it's the atmosphere and suspense that really makes this film

  • Clown: I've been waiting a long time for a great horror film to come out since IT. This was awesome. This clown eats kids for goodness sake, it's a slow morph and it's bloody creepy, specially if you HATE clowns! It's final form is brutal and terrifying. I just found the whole film awesome!

  • Excision: Delicious to the eyes and mind. It's erotic, disturbing, grisly and symbolic and has dark humor. The ending is bad ass. Great acting and is truly a master pace. A super fucked up film to be sure.

  • Mama: Argh Mama is creepy as hell. Javier Botet makes an amazing creature in this film. I have to say the two little girls in this film were so good at acting! It does remain dependant on jump scares to scare you, but they are what I like to call "true jump scares". Not a cat bursting out of a corner, or a shoe falling from the sky. "Mama" utilizes CGI by creating dark, disturbing images along with a tense orchestral sound track to scare your pants off.

  • Pathology: To say this movie is disturbing is putting it lightly. The themes running through it were intense and adult - sex and death confronted repeatedly from many different angles. The main premise behind this movie (doctors who kill their patients for entertainment) is excellent and pretty original. There is a huge level of realism, and even the gore looked very real. 

TAMD: You mentioned Silent Hill & the fact that you are a gamer, are you a fan of the video game series?
Valentina: Yesss, the original games were great! They were shit your pants terrifying. I loved everything about it and it could super challenging at times. Unfortunately, the last 3 games that have been out have been very, very, very bad! They just weren't really Silent Hill and were poorly done. That can happen when a series that does well for the first few games and they are hit. They just keep churning them out hoping to make money and be a hit with fans of the series. I was very excited when I heard Guillermo Del Toro had paired up with Hideo Kojima to work on a Silent Hill game together as I felt it would have gone back to it's roots, and would've been really really well done. Unfortunately they cancelled it this year as Kojima is no longer working for Konami, which is disappointing, it means that there will be no Silent Hill games in the near future as he is focusing on other things. BUT he is still gonna collaborate with Del Toro so all is not lost and I'm excited to see what they create together!


TAMD: What other video games are you into? What's your favorite platform? 
Valentina: I have a PS3 and PS4 but currently jamming on the ps4. Argh that question! Naturally I'm into horror games but I do love action and rpg too! I LOVE the Bioshock series, it's just such a great story line and I always replay it! I love Skyrim, Oblivion, and Elder Scrolls online for it's freedom to do so much stuff. Fallout series, Alice Madness Returns, The Witcher 3, Dragonage series, Batman series, The Evil Within, Dying Light, Diablo 3, GTA, The Last Of Us, etc. I also like some old school PS2 games such as: Jack and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, etc and I don't mind jamming a bit of Pokemon on my Nintendo DS!


TAMD: Finally, what are you plans for Halloween?
Valentina: Well, unfortunately Halloween is not a big thing in New Zealand and not many people celebrate it. The only thing we do is sometimes have Halloween parties. I would love to celebrate Halloween in America so much! This year I will be doing a photo shoot during the day for my 2016 calendar and then later on going to a party to have drinks and nibbles.


Photo Credits
'Bride' Photographer: La Mouche Aux Yeux Bleus
MUAH: Pip Stephenson


'Baby Jane' Photographer: La Mouche Aux Yeux Bleus
MUA: Charlotte Cox


'Demon' Photographer: Phil Bailey 

MUAH: Valentina Grim
Corset: Miss Martini


'Alien' Photographer: Natasha Halliday

MUA: Laura Simôn Makeup Artist

Follow Valentina on Facebook & Tumblr.

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