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*TOP 10* Most Followed Alt Models

July 12, 2016

If research for this little feature taught me anything, it was that there are A LOT of alternative models out there, however not many can say they have a fan base of over 1 MILLION people. Here are the top 10 'most followed' alternative models on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter as of July 5th. Included in this list were individuals who primarily model, not models turned Professional Photographers or Entrepreneurs, for example. Additionally, this list was hard to make 100% accurate not only because there are more models out there than I could ever know, but also because accounts are often removed for various reasons.

I've also included 3 ladies who just missed the top 10, you even care? It just means 3 more photos for you to break up the monotony of your day with.

#10: Makani Terror (Germany)

(Facebook: 1,111,297/Instagram: 241,000/Twitter: 7,644 TOTAL: 1,359,941)

 PHOTO: Fabou Alias Mayko



#9: Airica Michelle (California)

(Facebook: 1,628,392/Instagram: 281,000/Twitter: 10,600 TOTAL: 1,919,992)

 PHOTO: Alex Stone


#8: Monami Frost (England)

(Facebook: 943,134/Instagram: 1,100,000/Twitter: 14,700 TOTAL: 2,057,824)


#7: Cervena Fox (England)

(Facebook: 1,696,394/Instagram: 295,000/Twitter: 80,000 TOTAL: 2,076,394)

 PHOTO: 410 Photography


#6: Miss Mischief (Massachusetts)

(Facebook: 2,176,220/Instagram: 62,700/Twitter: 1,005 TOTAL: 2,239,925)

 PHOTO: Lost Highway Imaging


#5: Shonda Mackey (California)

(Facebook: 2,109,389/Instagram: 171,000/Twitter: 5,191 TOTAL: 2,285,580)


#4: Dani Divine (England)

(Facebook: 2,157,039 *currently unavailable*/Instagram: 312,000/Twitter: 17,400 TOTAL: 2,333,230)

 PHOTO: Dollhouse Photography


#3: Annalee Belle (Nevada)

(Facebook: 2,380,338/Instagram: 275,000/Twitter: 47,200 TOTAL: 2,702,558)

 PHOTO: Jellyfish Jones


#2: Vany Vicious (Florida)

(Facebook: 3,126,662/Instagram: 301,000/Twitter: 25,900 TOTAL: 3,453,562)

 PHOTO: Diego Nossa


#1: Megan Massacre (New York)

(Facebook: 2,586,127/Instagram: 1,000,000/Twitter: 230,000 TOTAL: 3,816,127)

       PHOTO: MichellexStar Photography


Honorable Mentions aka models who just missed being in the top 10

#11 Sash Suicide (California)
(Facebook: 990,793/Instagram: 248,000/Twitter: 42,600 Total: 1,281,393)

 PHOTO: Lisa Boyle


#12: Shelly d'Inferno (England)
(Facebook: 1,053,738/Instagram: 113,000/Twitter: 14,500 Total: 1,181,238)

 PHOTO: Rhian Cox


#13: Sara Mudle (Queensland)
(Facebook: 951,958/Instagram: 163,000/Twitter: 1,295 Total: 1,116,883)

 PHOTO: Gavin Creative



Think I missed someone? Email me if you think someone else deserves to be on this list, but remember that this list didn't include part-time models. Many more people could've been added to this list, but I thought it'd be a fair thing to include only those whose primary job is modeling. Have an idea for a top 10 list? Email us or comment below. 

Posts like these take hours to research, then prepare (this one alone took 4 hours just to type out!) & TAMD does not have researchers & what not -it's a one woman show. If you like this article, consider backing TAMD on Patreon. Perks start at just $1 and you'll be helping relieve some of the financial burden of running a website out of sheer passion for the industry. Patrons are given access to exclusive images, BTS shots, special articles (model profiles for example), freebies, and much more.








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