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Halloween Interviews: Iiriva (TAMD: Finland)

October 30, 2017

We're back! After a whole long year away, our blog is active again! What better way to kick of things than with a variety of images from a few of our models, all with a Halloween vibe to them. Horror & Gore to Cosplay to all things dark, nothing is off limits!

First up is a model new to the directory, Iiriva. This talented & gorgeous model lives in Finland, home to some of our favorite models & fans! It's honor to interview Iiriva, and now I can finally get to the bottom of something that has been on my mind for a on....


TAMD: What is the story behind your model alias? 

Iiriva: When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was really into traditional storytelling RPG:s. I created a RPG-character for me to play, a moon elf woman called Iiriva. The name was just something I came up when trying to form something that resembles a name. Later I used the same name as my nickname on different internet forums and such. Eventually, when I had modeled for some time, it was time to give me an alias. I tried to think of something different, but nothing seemed good. So, I just used the name of my very old RPG-character. I've also done some photoshoot dressed as "her".


TAMD: Talk a little about each of the photos here, what was the idea behind them, etc. 

Iiriva: For a long time I've admired talented cosplayers. I am very proud of that picture of Morrigan, since it was my first actual cosplay and first outfit that I've sewn myself. The idea behind it was to capture the character as she is in the games.


When shooting that vampire photo, it was mostly because the photographer wanted me to wear my armor, I wanted to wear the crown I just had bought and I had not done any vampire shoots in a long time. 


The third photo was taken in a local photographers and models themed group photoshoot. The theme was postapocalyptic, so I tried to make a look good enough for the shoot and just went for it, doing the poses the photographers wanted me to do.


TAMD: In your Model Mayhem bio you state you are military trained, what from that do you bring to modeling?

Iiriva: For example, I used a lot of my knowledge when I was doing that postapocalyptic photoshoot. Mostly it means that I did realistic poses with weapons. I'm not afraid of getting dirty, carrying heavy loads or walking long distances to get to that perfect photoshoot location with all the equipment. 


TAMD: Gothic & Fantasy imagery are common in your portfolio, what are some other styles you'd like to try? If any. 

Iiriva: Gothic and fantasy are very common because I mostly do shoots as TFCD. Since I don't have any sponsors or commissions, all the clothes and accessories I wear in my photos are from my personal closet, and my clothes are mostly suitable for those genres. I am actually very insecure about myself, so I don't see myself doing lingerie or nude shoots ever. I'd love to do more historical and vintage shoots, though! Wouldn't mind doing some fashion, too, but like I said, I can only wear what I own, so no high fashion her


TAMD: Finally, since this is a Halloween themed interview, what is Halloween like for you? 

Iiriva: Halloween is not officially celebrated here in Finland. The younger generations seem to enjoy it, though. At least I and many of my friends do! For me, Halloween means having a Halloween themed costume parties with friends and watching horror movies. 


Find Iiriva on Facebook, InstagramModel Mayhem, and TAMD.

FULL PHOTO CREDITS (in order from top to bottom)

Morrigan from Dragon Age
Photo: PhoToni 

Model & MUA: Iiriva 


Vampire Queen

Photo: Valokuvaaja Ari Suonpaa

Model & MUA: Iiriva

Photo: Photos by Maria Sorsa 
Model & MUA: Iiriva








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